Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Woman In Me

I saw a drawing once, it looked quite similar to this. But I drew this one and gave it a little twist.
When I see this, I see myself. No, I look nothing like this, but maybe because I want to so badly have the strong personality it portrays. No secrets, no bullshits. Just straight forward WOMAN!

The last time I felt this strong, this beautiful was not when I danced on Paradiso beach in Mykonos, completely careless and completely natural... but last night, when my husband looked at me and smiled at me.
I am in a wreck. So those who are reading.. know that half the time these past few days I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what garbage comes out of my mouth.
It is a struggle to be an artist, so many people admiring your work, yet no one at the same time notices.
If I could gather and pile up all the mistakes I have done in my life, I could probably fill up a room. Even now I still don't know if I learned from any of them, but I'm sure I apologized for them. see i told you.... GARBAGE!!!!!! So Ill just shut up and let you be THIS WOMAN, even for a while.


  1. You are very very talented. I love how you've drawn her hair. It looks like an ocean of absolute mystery and beauty!

    glad to read your blog (*.*)

    sending you happy spells


  2. This is beautiful! I love your work! I'm glad you visited and told me about your new illustration!!